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Informational Links

Some useful links to help you further understand and appreciate Soils & Hydrology:
Soils at the University of Georgia:

Understanding Soil (pdf)

Plate tectonics animations:

Overview and maps of soil orders:

The Smithsonian Institute’s Soils exhibit:

The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service page:

Web Soil Survey: gateway to soil survey map information for the entire U.S.:

Some really good NRCS videos on soil series and mapping:
Making a Soil Map
Looking at Spodosols in South Carolina
Describing a Soil: Brewback series
It’s a Soil Thing…
Tillage and Crop Residues
*Describing Soil Profiles*


Earn a Water Resources Certificate from UGA:

Hydrology at the University of Georgia:

The American Water Resources Association:

A Homeowner’s Guide to On-site Sewage Mgmt. Systems (pdf)

Watering Trees

Water Movement in Trees